All types of external plastering / rendering & crack repairs.

Complete Re Rendering

Complete Re Rendering 

Sussex is full of properties with rendered finishes which often need removing because they are full of cracks & contributing to damp issues within the property. l am are pleased to offer a reliable service at sensible prices. Where l can organize everything from the scaffolding, right through to the re decoration if required.
When carrying out re rendering projects the materials / mixes are extremely important for a longer lasting job. Currently, l use the following mixes:

  • 1: 2 : 2 cement, sharp sand, washed sand with an added waterproofer for the base coat. 
  • 1: 4 cement, washed sand with an added waterproofer for the top finning coat. 

Sometimes l may add lime to the mix depending on the type of property but we always add sharp sand to the base to give it extra strength. Another essential piece of a longer lasting job is to repair any brickwork or lintels & cover them with a suitable size EML mesh to reduce the chance of any future cracking.

Once the rendering is complete on your property you will most likely want it decorated. We would always recommend 3x coats of Dulux Weathersheild masonry paint or something to the same kind of quality to ensure a good quality & long lasting finish.

crack repairs

Crack Repairs

Often with rendered properties you may just have a few cracks & not require a full re rendering job. Most of the time these tend to be structural cracks. This doesn’t mean your property is unsafe or about to collapse though. Majority of the time there has simply been some movement in the property over the years or a soldier course above a window may have moved slightly. Lots of contractors rake out cracks & fill them, which is a complete waste of time & 99.9% of the time the crack returns within a short period of time. Currently l use the technique below for any crack repairs:

  • Cut either side of the crack using a disc cutter to create a distance between 250mm to 300mm. In order to give a neat, sound edge to work to.
  • Hack off rendering in between cut lines & clear away all debris.
  • Rake out joints in brickwork where necessary & fit stainless steel reinforcement Heli Bars. Fill joints with a suitable mortar mix.
  • Fit galvanised or stainless steel EML mesh where necessary in order to prevent the cracks re occurring.
  • Apply a base coat using a mix of 1: 2 : 2 cement, sharp sand, washed sand with an added waterproofer. 
  • Apply a top finning coat using a mix of 1: 4 cement, washed sand with an added waterproofer.


Chimney & Firewalls

Defective rendering on chimneys & firewalls is also a very common problem with properties in this area. l have a great deal of expertise in this area & are more than capable of carrying out all the required works for your property.

When stripping back firewalls for re rendering it always makes sense to have new lead cover flashings fitted.  Lots of properties have had lead fitted incorrectly, in lengths which are far to long so it simply ends up splitting & causing water penetration. Another common mistake is when someone inexperienced has tried to fit a lead back gutter on a chimney & stretched the lead to much which also leads to the lead splitting & causing water penetration. We can carry out all lead works required using the correct thickness of lead sheeting to today’s recommended specifications.

We often carry brick repairs to chimneys before re rendering. Along with replacing the lead work if required. The concrete staunching on top of chimneys will normally be replaced at the same time. Along with any chimney pots that may need replacing or capping off with suitable cowls to allow the correct ventilation but prevent water penetration.

“What People Say”

We had cracks repaired previously but they reappeared very quickly. Wrighte Plastering explained their very thorough technique, dealing with the actual structure, instead of just covering up. Which has stopped the damp penetration, looks good & no cracks have reappeared. Great job.

Crack Repairs, Jack, Littlehampton

Checkatrade Profile

Very thorough & clear at all times, stuck to the original price. Fitted new lintels, mesh where necessary, very tidy worker with a fantastic long lasting finish, house looks amazing now.

Complete Re Rendering, Mr Flemming, Hove

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